San Francisco


It’s Testimonial Tuesday. This week we’d like to introduce you to one of our incredible Hult alumni, Tadashi Mizukami! 🎓

Tadashi’s Hult journey took him to our San Francisco campus, where he pursued his MBA. But it wasn’t just about the degree—it was about the transformative experience and connections made along the way.

Surrounded by 160+ nationalities, Tadashi embraced the true essence of being a global citizen. Friendships from around the world and incredible cultural exchanges—it’s what makes Hult truly unique. 🌟

Fast forward, and Tadashi’s career in the US has skyrocketed, thanks to the skills, network, and endless possibilities that San Francisco offers.

Tadashi’s journey exemplifies the power of the Hult experience. We’re immensely proud of his achievements and grateful to have played a part in his success.

Stay tuned for more inspiring alumni stories every Testimonial Tuesday.


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