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在校生ブログ_番外編#1(英語)7 quick updates on my academic journey at HULT by Takeshi Shimamura

Wanted to share my 7 updates at Hult International Business School, and would appreciate it if you took a look.


1. Global Business Strategy

Prof. Olaf J Groth, PhD always makes us think strategically, which broadens our horizons in every lecture. The atomosphere in class was mixture of excitement and intellectual curiousity. Assignments and Team Presentations were challenging. Using the Futurized Choice Cascade, our most influential and intellectual weapon, I can learn how to convince others logically. After the final presentation, he graciously held a fantastic party where we enjoyed discussing our careers, future dreams, and whatever we want. A great teacher not only challenges us but also gives us opportunities to develop our relationships in the long term. Appreciate your lecture, Prof. Olaf J Groth, PhD, TA Leea Craig, and future phenomenal strategists.


2. Financial Management & Decision Making

So weak at Accounting and Financing, I was overwhelmed when the class started. But Prof. Claudia Sonz Roehl, CPA always encouraged us so much with a magical word, “Woofoo.” Whenever I asked her basic questions, she answered my questions graciously, which mitigated my fear of Finance. Every assignment is well thought out for us. My takeaways from her lessons are tremendous; I became more comfortable with Financial Management and even enjoyed Decision Making. Especially the concepts of WACC, NPV, and IRR stimulated my curiosity, and I find them useful for our careers and lives. Many thanks for your lecture, Prof. Claudia Sonz Roehl, CPA


3. Authentic Leadership IV

We are learning Authentic Leadership throughout our program and focused on the ethical and sustainable issues from the global and moral perspective in this block. Prof. Rob Barlow, PhD‘s teaching style is insightful and well-designed, and I enjoyed deep-diving into how to create CSV, MSIs, and 17 SDGs. Honestly, my sight needs to be broaden to grasp the “world,” and It’s crucial for me to think about issues from a global perspective to be a future leader. Thank you so much, Prof. Rob Barlow, PhD


4. Business Challenge IV

At the end of every Block, we always have Business Challenge, which is so challenging literally because we must consider various strategies, executions , and feasible plans comprehensively to succeed in real business. Prof.Beau Giannini, PhD always leads us in practical and specific ways and gives us insightful feedback. We tackled creating a GTM strategy for the new market for an actual company. It was time-consuming, only 48 hours, and I often felt overwhelmed by this Business Challenge Program at Hult. Nonetheless, our team created the GTM strategy from scratch, where we had struggled so much. These experiences were phenomenal. Many thanks, as always, Prof. Beau Giannini, PhD


5. Dean’s list celebration party

Thanksfully, Dean Barbara Godoy invited Dean’s list students from all programs of the SF campus to a fabulous and cheerful celebration party on the campus on 27th March. Much thanks to support from classmates and teammates, I attended the party. We enjoyed instant team-building work through exciting quizzes, and I instantly felt this was HULT and I like it; for those who made to do. It was my first time conversing with her; she was so welcome, and we enjoyed it. Additionally, I had an opportunity to share my academic journey with the Assistant Dean, Rachael Boyce. She is always a thoughtful and active listener and encourages me so much. Appreciate it Barbara GodoyRachael Boyce, and all faculties and staff who supported the events.


6. Teammates and Classmates

Why I came here? Because I want to learn how to collaborate with future leaders from various backgrounds in practical ways and get global mindsets. Regarding team relationship with peers, we need to change ourselves according to the enviroment. Many thanks to Fernando RuedaTsuyoshi Hachiya, and Akshay. In this block, my takeaway is perseverance, never giving up to get the best outcome as a team until the last minute. I felt like it was a winding and up-and-down road, but I don’t hesitate to say our final performance was the best; we rocked. This is accomplished by all team members. So proud of working with you. Not to mention, of course, many thanks to my best friends, who motivate and give me supportive feedback. (Avoid mess tagging because there are too many)

7. For the next Block 5

As mentioned above, our academic journey is only four months from the goal. I’ll do my best and contribute to a new team onwards. This is the last block of our HULT journey before elective programs, and I look forward to tackling new challenges.

Thank you for your reading at the end.